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Hey 2016 goal setters!

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch.

It’s almost February. What have you done to change your circumstances? The body, health, job you hate, toxic relationships….. How have you STEPPED up and grown in the areas that you have in your past attracted and settled for?

I hear way to many people saying they haven’t had the time, money, resources…. Oh yes – the roofs leaking, you’re paying your credit card back from Christmas. Works really busy….yes, yes, I know…..I don’t get it and why that means you have to postpone creating the life you deserve. I mean there’s 168 hours in the week and you don’t have time to eat healthy and exercise because your car needs to fixed?

What I really hear is, I am not going to STEP UP because I have not got to a stage in my life and maybe I never will where I BELIEVE I am worth it. Where I understand the consequences of me settling for a life that is less than MY perfect.

That unhealthy weight you carry around that you justify? Maybe your reason is that you don’t have the money to get a trainer, a nutritionist to gain the accountability to get you fighting for your perfect….It is a fight, a hunt, a risk, and an investment in YOURSELF. Most of the time people are afraid of the failure they set themselves up for. They don’t believe they CAN do it. So…..They feel it’s better to simply just not try. The other thing is, if you can’t see through all the bull shit excuses you poison yourself with you will forever continue to be enclosed in your own little bubble going no where but remaining in fear of the stuff you make up in your own head. Can’t afford a trainer? Well why don’t you start committing to exercise daily? Yourself. We all know how to walk and run. If you NEED a trainer. FIND A WAY to get one!
Imagine this……

You have COMPLETE and total confidence that you will achieve ANYTHING you want to achieve. The dream job that supports your incredible life style. The epic fit, strong body, beautiful relationships, everything you want.

Everything on the outside of you doesn’t stop you from the daily action that gets you where you need to be – your job, the kids, the opinions of others, the circumstances. All that matters is what you feel on the inside and consequently everyday you do something to move forward closer to what you want. Yes. Even when the timing isn’t ‘ideal’.

When the hell is the timing ideal!!!!!!

If you felt the above, if you had that inside you – what would you achieve and what would you aim for if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if every time you were rejected from something you got up and went for it again and again and again until you got it?

Anyone ready to step up and actually COMMIT to what you want?
Anyone sick of the false comfort of not leaving your bubble and taking a risk in yourself. A risk that will allow you to grow and BECOME.

Anyone sick of the excuses that you make endlessly to keep yourself ‘small’?

We want to offer those of you that ARE READY for massive change The 15 Week Body & Life Re-Design Project. (Online and in Canterbury, NZ)

– Intensive mind-set coaching
– Complete nutrition make-over
– Regular training weekly
– SOOOOO mush more goodness but I won’t waste my time typing it for people who won’t take action. I want to actually HEAR FROM YOU.

Ps. This is not a free program. And I don’t respond to messages that just say ‘how much?’. We have amazing affordable options but we don’t aim to be the cheapest around just as you shouldn’t.

This will be a huge up level in your life. It’s the solution you’ve been waiting for…….

If you want more info on this simply PM us with you name and phone number, we will arrange a time to chat over options.

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch

Lose weight fast and keep it off

ALL revealed here!

Here’s what NOT to do to lose weight fast and keep it off;

– Diet. Restricting yourself will do nothing but make you a mad human being who needs to eat anything and everything in site. Will power may last a couple of years if you’re very lucky but it won’t last forever.

– Think weight loss should be a restrictive, forced process. HELL NO. It should feel natural, empowering and exciting!

– Eat low fat, no carb, just lean protein. NO, your body needs ALL nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If it doesn’t get them it will quickly start to perform poorly and you’re creating long term damage that you will pay for literally.

– Use exercise as punishment for that binge or for eating to much that day. Think – how will punishing your body from the wrong place encourage it to change?

– Don’t go hungry! Eat regularly, vegetables at every meal, eat food you love (alter naughty recipes if it’s bad). Enjoy your food! Life’s to short not to!

– Don’t stress if you mess up! You’re a human right? You WILL mess up then! Brush it off and keep going!

– Work out WHY you punish yourself with food and sabotage. TRULY. Do you rely on food emotionally?

Here’s what you HAVE to do to lose weight fast and keep it off;

– LEARN about food and cooking. I don’t mean become a nutritionist, I mean go to a professional and get educated on what you need and what you don’t. Take control over what you put in your body.

– Make exercise your ‘YOU’ time. It’s the time you go away and work on making you fitter, stronger and mentally clear. Use exercise as your happy drug, make it fun and rewarding!

– Love and self respect MUST come before weight loss. Hating your body will do nothing but attract more punishment and more sabotage. Your body has done so much for you and is keeping you alive right now so RESPECT It!

– Be consistent! Food and exercise MUST be part of your daily routine. Book it in. Make it happen. One good week won’t outweigh 3 bad ones.

– Become an organisation freak! YES, you need this. In this busy world we live in we are all frantic and we all full at the feet of convenience. Prepare your food. Do large cook ups, book in your training times, book in meetings and time blocks to get stuff done at work. You can’t miss this step! It feels very rewarding taking charge of all areas of your life.

– Lastly. Ditch the ‘mummy’ guilt. Or ‘women’ guilt. Get past the fear and realise that this is YOUR LIFE. You attract all your receive. You are powerful and you DESERVE to be the best version of you for loved ones and yourself!

No diets, no ‘health’ shakes MLM, no pills. They WILL screw you eventually. Be the lab rat if you wish.

Take control of YOU!

Leonee xx

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