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Supermarket Tour Summary with Revitup Fitness Christchurch!

Last Friday we took our clients on a supermarket tour to educate them on good and bad decisions when doing their weekly shopping. It’s so hard on people as there is endless information out there about what healthy is and what it isn’t. It’s confusing to say the least! The supermarket is filled with foods that claim they are healthy. Low fat yogurt, low carb bread, natural fruit juices, low calorie soda drinks, all claiming they are healthy and they are contributing to fighting obesity and disease. I believe it is up to us as health professionals to get the message clear and eliminate any of the media hype claiming some food is more than what it is.

First of all, don’t make it so complicated!

– Quality over quantity

Actually natural over fake (even if the fake claims it’s natural, use common sense here)

– Stick to the outside isles where all the good stuff is

– Learn to cook and make yummy treats with real food ingredients

– Get educated and trust me when I say the media and these big companies DO NOT have your best interests at heart. They have money at heart and you are being fooled.

Here’s some valuable information to remember on your next shopping trip.

1) Reading the labels.

Practice reading the back of packets and tins. The first 3-4 ingredients are basically what the food item is made up of. So, if the first 4 ingredients are sugar, food coloring, sweeteners 951, 950 (aspartame) and caffeine you don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that what you are about to buy and put into your precious body is pure cancer and disease. It’s made up of chemicals that will attack your body and send your body into panic mode. Repeat this daily and what do you think will happen to your body and health? If the food product only has 2-3 ingredients and they are all things you know (not big unusual words you are unsure of) then you’ve got a winner!

2) Keep it very simple.

Buying veggies and fruit is a safe option right? There’s not much more to them but what they are. No false advertising. Buying quality meat that you know has been treated right is simple. Buying bread with no more than 5 ingredients, rolled oats, organic full fat yogurt with 2-3 ingredients. Ask yourself – what is cheese? It’s basically fat right? So what on earth would cheese become with the fat removed? The same with yogurt. Yogurt IS fat so once the fat is removed what on earth is it? Bread without carb…..I’m sorry but bread is wheat, wheat is a 100% a carb. What are they doing to the bread to take away what it actually is? A hell of a lot of processing that’s what!

3)  Let go of everything you thought you previously knew about food and use common sense.

That’s a bold statement I know BUT it makes my job of educating you a hell of a lot easier. Fat is GOOD! We need fat it is ESSENTIAL in our diets. The only type of fat we absolutely don’t need to trans fat. Trans fat shouldn’t even have the name fat in it. It should be called trans chemical as that is exactly what it is. Trans fat is a fat made by humans in a lab and they use it in margarine (yes that so called healthy olive oil spread is pure trans fat), cookies, cakes, slices, donuts and other store packaged products. Trans fat being a chemical helps preserve these foods too so if you want they can last you a couple of years in your pantry and not decompose as ‘actual’ food is meant to. Carb is GOOD! Just choose your carb wisely. The less processed the better. Dark pasta, dark heavy bread, brown, black and red rice. It’s all good and all in good balance with all your yummy veggies and fruit, your quality free range, grass fed meats and eggs and the odd treat!

YES, give yourself a treat every now and then. An ice cream once a week if you need it. Ideally make your treats yourself as you will very quickly learn that you’re a much better cook and baker than the crap that’s been processed and packaged. You don’t need to use sugar, you can bake with dates and bananas. When you use sugar get the dark range that is organic and has again had minimal processing.

Our bodies are extremely resilient they will adapt to survive in most environments you throw at them. They won’t however be able to steer the ship forever in an abused state. Eventually they may lose the battle and disease will take over. You have the chance now to give your body what it needs and continue learning and educating yourself for you and for our future generations.

Keep it REAL, literally!


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