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Weight Loss Competition Christchurch

Ladies, do you need to make some serious changes this year? It’s almost the end of January and those weight loss goals you need so badly….Still no action has been taken right?

Last year sped by and your health and your weight loss goals seemed to fade into the background as soon as the first life obstacle popped up. You tried to a point but felt everything else always had to come first. The family, work, house. How do you possibly fit more into your daily schedule? It really does seem to fall into the to hard basket when life gets busy and things don’t go as planned.…/

Those shake diets seem more and more appealing the more desperate you get. 5kg in one week! It sounds great for your ego, it’s a great story, but that’s all it is. What happens when you go off the shakes. Is the core problem to your health issues resolved or is it just another bandage to get you through to the next well marketed weight loss ‘solution’.

There IS an answer to the constant battle within yourself that has now been a 10-plus year constant struggle. There is a way to have it all. Make exercise and healthy food a daily priority, be extremely productive with your work, be a present and happy mum AND still have time for you to have some ‘shut off time’.…/

It all starts in your head. It’s ALL about what you think and how you think. It MUST start here or it will be another 10-plus years of thousands of dollars on diets, up and down emotion, disappointment and low self esteem. PLUS – and most importantly, you not living to your full potential for yourself and your loved ones.

Revitup Fitness and Leonee Parker have teamed together to create a program that is the only of its kind. A complete body and life transformation. The most important project of your life where you can expect to create the person you know you can be physically and mentally.…/

How would be feel to be bouncing out of bed at 6am? Running 5km easily. Fitting into the most stunning clothing and being able to run around with your children and inspire and teach them to not go down the path you have been down with health. How would it feel to have the energy and clarity to do what ever you need AND want daily? What would you do for that? How much would that mean to you?…/

We have 25 spaces to fill. This isn’t just for Christchurch, New Zealand participates. We have our online option!

Here’s the thing, what it all comes down to. YOU can choose to keep trucking along as you always have been, attempting changes that never stick OR you can step-up, take serious action and make a change that starts from the inside out. It takes massive action and the only people who do fully step up are those that realise it’s more uncomfortable to stay the same than to face change.…/

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch
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How to look good in a bikini fast

The good old ‘quick summers almost here problem’ right?

I don’t think the real question is how to look good in a bikini fast.

I think it’s actually – how do I like myself in a bikini fast?

You’re constantly trying to change your body. It’s never good enough right?

You’re striving for this false perfection, lean bikini girls are flaunted in front of your eyes constantly in magazines and on TV. That’s how you ‘should’ look right? That’s what attractive is. You’ll get attention from the guys and the girls will want to look like you, THAT’S what you will aim for this summer.

You know what you have to do. Eat less, cut out carbs and fat, feel that hunger as that means you’re stomach is shrinking, spend a couple of hours at the gym everyday, use your will power to say NO to the creamy doughnuts at work even though you could quite easily demolish the box.

The self talk is nasty and harsh. You hate the way you look. You wish you were born with the discipline of your best friend, she ‘has it’ and she flaunts it. You never feel good enough but this summer you WILL, you will not eat like a pig and sit on your ass picking out all the things that are wrong with you. You will instead…..PUNISH yourself with a diet you know will change you…..

You will punish with food and shakes that don’t at all satisfy you, you will punish yourself by starving, you will punish yourself with long boring workouts at the gym, you will cover up your body in shame with those baggy clothes, you will punish yourself by feeling miserable and telling yourself how useless you are everyday and how you could have done better. This punishment will continue until that bikini is on and you ARE what ‘society’ accepts as beautiful.

I know you………………….. and I want you to know something……This punishment that you think is just temporary isn’t…..This punishment is life long and it only gets worse. This punishment eventually stops you from living your life. It’s not about the bikini any more….Now you can’t even go near the beach, you say no to social occasions you live at home and work with no in betweens. Your life becomes controlled by the demon inside that has wrapped jail bars around your body.

This ‘image’ that you want to change yourself to ruins your life.

YOU need to know that this is not your fault, this is not how YOU should be living and there IS a way out.

You need to know that you are unique and beautiful just the way you are. When you are your true self and you are confident being YOU, you radiate the MOST beauty. When you are trying to be someone you’re not you don’t radiate anything. In fact, you radiate sadness and no one wants to be around sadness, no ones attracted to sadness. No one respects someone trying to be someone else.

How is punishing yourself going to result in a great body and most of all how does that make you happy?

Your body is your body. It is beautiful and unique and it is your only home. It has done incredible things for you, it continues to live when you beat and abuse it with diets and crap foods, it continues to support you when you tell it how much you hate it. It suffers through this abuse and gets sicker and sicker but still continues to be there for you as much as it can.

How is this life? How is this living?

I want you to know that you CAN love your body as it is right now. You CAN break down the jail bars you have created around you and you CAN celebrate and be truly, deeply happy being YOU.

You simply need to crush the false, air brushed, society bullshit that is planted in front of you and understand that it’s NOT that ‘look’ that will make you attractive and accepted, it’s you being the REAL you. Standing up for what you believe in, doing what makes YOU happy, treating yourself with love and respect, flaunting your beauty NOW not when you think it’s socially acceptable.

You are beautiful NOW and if you continue thinking you’re not, you will continue the slow death that you have created for yourself.

I can help you.

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Lose weight fast and keep it off

ALL revealed here!

Here’s what NOT to do to lose weight fast and keep it off;

– Diet. Restricting yourself will do nothing but make you a mad human being who needs to eat anything and everything in site. Will power may last a couple of years if you’re very lucky but it won’t last forever.

– Think weight loss should be a restrictive, forced process. HELL NO. It should feel natural, empowering and exciting!

– Eat low fat, no carb, just lean protein. NO, your body needs ALL nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If it doesn’t get them it will quickly start to perform poorly and you’re creating long term damage that you will pay for literally.

– Use exercise as punishment for that binge or for eating to much that day. Think – how will punishing your body from the wrong place encourage it to change?

– Don’t go hungry! Eat regularly, vegetables at every meal, eat food you love (alter naughty recipes if it’s bad). Enjoy your food! Life’s to short not to!

– Don’t stress if you mess up! You’re a human right? You WILL mess up then! Brush it off and keep going!

– Work out WHY you punish yourself with food and sabotage. TRULY. Do you rely on food emotionally?

Here’s what you HAVE to do to lose weight fast and keep it off;

– LEARN about food and cooking. I don’t mean become a nutritionist, I mean go to a professional and get educated on what you need and what you don’t. Take control over what you put in your body.

– Make exercise your ‘YOU’ time. It’s the time you go away and work on making you fitter, stronger and mentally clear. Use exercise as your happy drug, make it fun and rewarding!

– Love and self respect MUST come before weight loss. Hating your body will do nothing but attract more punishment and more sabotage. Your body has done so much for you and is keeping you alive right now so RESPECT It!

– Be consistent! Food and exercise MUST be part of your daily routine. Book it in. Make it happen. One good week won’t outweigh 3 bad ones.

– Become an organisation freak! YES, you need this. In this busy world we live in we are all frantic and we all full at the feet of convenience. Prepare your food. Do large cook ups, book in your training times, book in meetings and time blocks to get stuff done at work. You can’t miss this step! It feels very rewarding taking charge of all areas of your life.

– Lastly. Ditch the ‘mummy’ guilt. Or ‘women’ guilt. Get past the fear and realise that this is YOUR LIFE. You attract all your receive. You are powerful and you DESERVE to be the best version of you for loved ones and yourself!

No diets, no ‘health’ shakes MLM, no pills. They WILL screw you eventually. Be the lab rat if you wish.

Take control of YOU!

Leonee xx

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Mind 100%, Nutrition 70%, Exercise 30%

You forced and beat your body into becoming unhealthy and incapable of doing movements that it should be able to do. A few years ago you trained it to be what it is now. It listened and it adapted.

You forced it to adapt to living off caffeine, sugar, white carb and stress. It struggled, it gave you signs that it was being forced- headaches, illnesses, crook tummies, exhaustion, moodiness, weight gain, bad skin. You didn’t listen. You kept forcing and pushing it into an unhealthy, overweight state. Now, this is your norm. Your wonderful body adapted.
It adjusted for you because that’s what you asked it to do.

DONT expect your mind and body to take to clean healthy food and exercise if you have forced it to live as above. Just like when you first forced your body into unhealthy ways you will again need to force your body to change and crave a the goodness of healthy food and exercise.

You WILL need to continue feeding your body beautiful healthy food even when every cell within you is craving its ‘drug’ (bad food) you WILL need you push through exercise every day to reach that uncomfortable point where you know it would be easier to give up. You forced your body into an unhealthy life style, you have to force your body out of one and it takes a hell of a lot more than just motivation. The main thing you need is enough love and respect for YOURSELF to do whatever it takes to change. Support, accountability, love, praise. Whatever you need to not back down and to not fall victim to yourself.

So, when you’re almost in tears because it’s so damn hard and the results aren’t showing and your muscles hurt and you feel like just giving in..


You forced yourself into what you have now. It is up to you to force your way out.

Your body WILL adapt.

And trust me, all your body wants from you is love and respect so it will adapt as fast as it can. Give it a chance to catch up with what you want. Make sure it trusts you and knows this is it! Change WILL happen.

Keep going and set yourself up to not back down.

You’ve got this.

Mind 100%, Nutrition 70%, Exercise 30%

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Best exercise for fat loss

Here’s a list starting with the most important…

1) Do what you love the MOST! Dancing, swimming, sports, walking. Do this as much as you can. Why? Because you’re far more likely to stick to what you love than to stick to what you think you ‘have’ to do and end up disliking.

This alone is not always enough however, so…..

2) Make sure you high intensity IT UP for accelerated results. 20 minute sprints are going to burn fat A LOT more effectively that an hour long walk. Push your self outside of you comfort zone every time you train. Train like an athlete.

3) Resistance training is essential. Squats, pushups, deadlifts, prone holds. Start with these with no to minimal weight and build up to more weight. The more muscle your body holds the more effective it is at burning fat and keeping fat off. Seriously ladies, lifting weights is essential not just for fat loss, for life! Get over what you think you know about this.

4) Something for your mind to release the stress that will make it impossible to lose fat if you don’t have a stress reliever in place. Walking, running, yoga, pilates, or even just reading a book.

Push hard with your training 5 days a week and allow 1 or 2 days of RnR.

Go to it!

If you want a free 20 minute phone consultation to help you work out a plan to implement the above contact us! We will book you in for later next week and get you rolling!

Leonee x

Why gaining an ideal bikini body will make you unhappy!

Revitup Fitness is a private personal training studio in Bishopdale, Christchurch. Here we cover private PT, nutrition, life coaching and so much more! We are known for being an all round ‘health’ business suited for individuals who don’t like the gym scene.  Situated in a central very popular area in Christchurch we cater to many.

Our post today is about gaining that ideal bikini body and WHY getting it won’t make you any happier. I’m going to generalize here as maybe for some people gaining a perfect body has changed their lives dramatically and they have finally become happy…..I doubt it though and here’s why.

The ideal body in your head is OFTEN not what will happen to your body when it’s in a perfect healthy state. We all have flaws and we all have loads of beauties! The image in your head that will apparently gain you so much happiness has been created over time by the media and those around you that have been custom made by the media. So that means, those ladies and men that model for a living and spend hours in the gym everyday, live on stupidly low calories, get professional make-up and tans done on a weekly basis and maybe get photo-shopped to remove those so called flaws that we ALL have is generally NOT how us ‘non models’ or general Joes live. For your typical New Zealand woman – we work hard, we play hard and nails, tans and all that other stuff is often something we do on a special occasion.

Here’s the other thing, MOST people love food! It is a luxury and one that should be enjoyed, the days are gone where we would have to hunt or grow our food now we can indulge in a My Kitchen Rules ‘like’ divine platters and enjoy all the beautiful sensations and the wonderful bonding times that happen over enjoying food.

People are so torn and it can be exhausting! They love food, they love to enjoy relaxing times, yet they want that bikini body so bad because they feel that will solve so many things in their lives. They would feel more worthy, more loved, more excepted, more popular…..

We at Revitup Fitness Christchurch have the answer for you. And it doesn’t involve stupid diets, depriving yourself, saying no to things you want to do and locking yourself away from anything that could be ‘bad’ for you. It all starts and ends with self respect. Loving yourself enough to exercise and nurture your body on a regular basis. Ditching the feelings of guilt and sabotage with accepting and appreciating who you are. Aiming for an unrealistic body shape is never going to bring happiness. Aiming for YOUR personal, HEALTHY ideal body shape absolutely is going to serve you.

SO, here’s how you STOP this never ending bikini body battle.

1) You aim for HEALTHY. You don’t base your results off those damn scales! You base your results on how you feel, how much energy you have, how much happier you are, how much more concentration you have. This means doing exercise you love, eating healthy food you love that fills you with goodness! (with the odd healthy or naughty treat if you want).

2) Eliminate all the ‘so called’ perfect body images that have been planted in your head. Kim K, Jessica Alba – they are not YOU, they don’t have the beautiful things that you hold that are unique to YOU. Let me use myself for an example. I used to hate that my legs are big and my upper body has always been little. I wished for skinny legs and bigger boobs! I would try to train (run loads) to make my legs skinnier. It never happened as genetically my legs will always be bigger. Now, at 28 years old, 2 kids later, I love my bigger legs. I love that I don’t have big boobs. I have changed the things I used to dislike about myself and made them into positives SIMPLY by not looking at someone else’s body and comparing myself. And it’s not that I’m overly confident it’s simply that I’ve woken up and realised that I will never look like anyone else because I am ME, AND, that if I continue trying to change who I really am then I will become a very unhappy bitter person. Embrace yourself! You hold so much goodness that is unique to you.

3) Surround yourself in happy, empowering people who build you up and only want the best for you. Slowly move away from the people who you feel drag you down. This goes with the old saying that couldn’t be further from the truth ‘treat others how you want to be treated’. TRULY do this! And watch the amazing people that will walk into your life.

4) Education is my last point here. Educate yourself on food. Understand that cutting food groups out of your diet will only cause problems. Learn to love veggies, learn to train hard and focus on whatever it is that you want to train in. Respect yourself and get that bikini on as you truly are beautiful as you are.


Leonee x


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Supermarket Tour Summary with Revitup Fitness Christchurch!

Last Friday we took our clients on a supermarket tour to educate them on good and bad decisions when doing their weekly shopping. It’s so hard on people as there is endless information out there about what healthy is and what it isn’t. It’s confusing to say the least! The supermarket is filled with foods that claim they are healthy. Low fat yogurt, low carb bread, natural fruit juices, low calorie soda drinks, all claiming they are healthy and they are contributing to fighting obesity and disease. I believe it is up to us as health professionals to get the message clear and eliminate any of the media hype claiming some food is more than what it is.

First of all, don’t make it so complicated!

– Quality over quantity

Actually natural over fake (even if the fake claims it’s natural, use common sense here)

– Stick to the outside isles where all the good stuff is

– Learn to cook and make yummy treats with real food ingredients

– Get educated and trust me when I say the media and these big companies DO NOT have your best interests at heart. They have money at heart and you are being fooled.

Here’s some valuable information to remember on your next shopping trip.

1) Reading the labels.

Practice reading the back of packets and tins. The first 3-4 ingredients are basically what the food item is made up of. So, if the first 4 ingredients are sugar, food coloring, sweeteners 951, 950 (aspartame) and caffeine you don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that what you are about to buy and put into your precious body is pure cancer and disease. It’s made up of chemicals that will attack your body and send your body into panic mode. Repeat this daily and what do you think will happen to your body and health? If the food product only has 2-3 ingredients and they are all things you know (not big unusual words you are unsure of) then you’ve got a winner!

2) Keep it very simple.

Buying veggies and fruit is a safe option right? There’s not much more to them but what they are. No false advertising. Buying quality meat that you know has been treated right is simple. Buying bread with no more than 5 ingredients, rolled oats, organic full fat yogurt with 2-3 ingredients. Ask yourself – what is cheese? It’s basically fat right? So what on earth would cheese become with the fat removed? The same with yogurt. Yogurt IS fat so once the fat is removed what on earth is it? Bread without carb…..I’m sorry but bread is wheat, wheat is a 100% a carb. What are they doing to the bread to take away what it actually is? A hell of a lot of processing that’s what!

3)  Let go of everything you thought you previously knew about food and use common sense.

That’s a bold statement I know BUT it makes my job of educating you a hell of a lot easier. Fat is GOOD! We need fat it is ESSENTIAL in our diets. The only type of fat we absolutely don’t need to trans fat. Trans fat shouldn’t even have the name fat in it. It should be called trans chemical as that is exactly what it is. Trans fat is a fat made by humans in a lab and they use it in margarine (yes that so called healthy olive oil spread is pure trans fat), cookies, cakes, slices, donuts and other store packaged products. Trans fat being a chemical helps preserve these foods too so if you want they can last you a couple of years in your pantry and not decompose as ‘actual’ food is meant to. Carb is GOOD! Just choose your carb wisely. The less processed the better. Dark pasta, dark heavy bread, brown, black and red rice. It’s all good and all in good balance with all your yummy veggies and fruit, your quality free range, grass fed meats and eggs and the odd treat!

YES, give yourself a treat every now and then. An ice cream once a week if you need it. Ideally make your treats yourself as you will very quickly learn that you’re a much better cook and baker than the crap that’s been processed and packaged. You don’t need to use sugar, you can bake with dates and bananas. When you use sugar get the dark range that is organic and has again had minimal processing.

Our bodies are extremely resilient they will adapt to survive in most environments you throw at them. They won’t however be able to steer the ship forever in an abused state. Eventually they may lose the battle and disease will take over. You have the chance now to give your body what it needs and continue learning and educating yourself for you and for our future generations.

Keep it REAL, literally!


Here I’m going to reveal how you actually lose weight! (the secret) that the health professionals don’t want you to know as they will lose business!

So, here we go!

You don’t have to starve, live off shakes, cut out food groups, take pills, live of 1200 cals a days and feel miserable to lose weight right?

We had a 4 week weigh in for some of our clients who are doing a life style change program and here’s some of the results and feedback.

– 4-6 kg of fat loss
– lean muscle gain (muscles are starting to show through!)
– strength gains!
– fitness gains
– heaps of energy
– sleeping soundly
– happier
– full and loving their food
– proud
– educated and finding themselves teaching others
– inspired
– reaching for bigger goals

The list goes on. Weight loss shouldn’t be this horrible, draining battle.

It should be an inspiring movie with you as the main role.

Loving yourself and loving your lifestyle is how you do it. All that other forced stuff with eventually come crumbling down.

If you want to learn more about this send us a message we would be happy to give you a few free pointers.



Do you want to get strong, lean and toned?

Womens Strength Training Program is here is Christchurch!

Have you ever come across a program that is women’s only and is aimed at creating HUGE strength and power in the weight training room?

Revitup Fitness are experts and getting women STRONG!

Want to know what the buzz is about with weight training? You’ve heard you won’t get bulky, you’ve heard it’s how you create a speedy metabolism and you’ve heard it’s what you should be doing to sculpt your body, right? Weights in, cardio’s out. That’s what you’ve heard anyway….

The trouble is what, how, when, where?

Lifting those 4 kg dumbbells are not getting you anywhere, that terrible form is working all the wrong areas leaving you so unbalanced and at risk of injury, you just can’t be doing that! PLUS you don’t want all quads firing and no glutes or hamstrings do you? Flat bum, big quads! Avoid doing it wrong!

We have on offer…for a VERY limited time, 3 spaces in our Tuesday, Thursday girls weight training bootcamp! 6pm and only $50 per week to learn and rapidly gain the knowledge and strength you need to never second guess yourself again! BECOME the expert!

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We are so proud of our inspirational clients. We have had almost 30 individuals participate in our 12 Week Biggest Loser Fat Loss Challenge. They have walked away with inspirational results and have gained so much out of our health competition. We would like to share with you some of these inspirational people.

Here we go!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy Tausili or as we know her, Ted!!!

Ted has been outstanding throughout her 12 week journey and although she had very tight competition her dedication and belief in herself to reach her goal was unbeatable. She knows what she wants and she gets it!

Ted’s never say die attitude was contagious, Ra being her full time PT and myself training her once we both love how she comes, gets the work done, even when she doesn’t want to and pushes herself further every time and encourages others as well. Competitive and encouraging! Great qualities.

We think this girl was born an athlete. She’s becoming stronger, more powerful and fitter every week.

Ted attended 4 bootcamp sessions per week – Tuesday, Thursday at 6am, Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am. She is also very committed to any extra fitness we provide outside of the gym or the park. Ted is an incredibly valuable member to one of our Monday night Netball teams, she was an essential part of our mixed touch team (almost winning the comp for us!!) and she always made herself available to be there for our Thursday women’s touch team. During her sport she is again dedicated, committed and she knows what she wants!

Posting photos of her veggie filled meals, saying she was a bread addict at the start then saying she couldn’t handle it anymore towards the end. Her diet had the biggest turn around I’ve ever seen, and I know she will keep this up. Why? Because she loves what she’s eating!

Ted was away for 1 week of the comp as a maid of honor for her friend. She said she fell off the rails while away. What do you think she did when she got back?
She was happy she had a good time, she picked herself up and pushed on through. This is the secret guys! She’s mastered it! This is LIFE! We want to enjoy it right? And we want to be good to ourselves as well. Find that balance as she has. She HAS the winning attitude and we have no doubt she will achieve everything she wants to achieve in her life. It’s be an honor watching you transform Ted.

We are so proud of you!

Check out Ted our winners amazing results:

– Down 11.1kg in total mass!
– Down 6 kg of pure fat!
– Gained 6kg of water taking her up to the healthy range where her liver, kidney’s and digestive system can cleanse and process as it needs too.
– Down 3 points of visceral fat (dangerous fat around vital organs) She is now in the healthy range for this.
– Gained 1 kg of pure lean muscle
– Added 5 years of life to her vital organs
– Knocked 3 minutes off her fitness test!

A MASSIVE 80 cm off total body measurements!
That includes 18 cm off her ab’s, 12 cm off her hips and 12 cm off her hips! YES, all in 12 little weeks!

Ted, again, congratulations! You will be getting your amazing prize next week and we will arrange an exercise get together with everyone else to celebrate!

ted frontted sideted back

Next, the runner up…….

Someone we have been incredibly impressed with. Leaving her excuses at home every session and absolutely loving everything we throw at her….even burpees! She’s my burpee sister………………….

Jenny Graham. Jenny I had to take 2 days to decide between you and Ted. You are both incredible inspirations.

Jenny has 5 children. The oldest is 15 and the youngest 4 months old. She started with me at fit mums. She told me she couldn’t do pushups….She performed a few painfully. NOW, she did 100 the other day at the park easily, perfect form! Her body shape is changing, she’s gained beautiful, strong muscle and she’s hooked on this lifestyle.
She’s become addicted to cooking and has been whipping up incredible sounding experiments ditching the flour and sugar and traditional way of baking. Her children and husband are obviously benefiting hugely from her life style change also. Jenny has since moved from Fit Mums to Ra’s Bootcamp and I still see her once a week also. She loves walking out that door at night and giving herself her gift – training!

Jenny’s results:

Down 3.5 kg in total mass
Down 11.4% in pure FAT! Crazy huh!
Gained 4 kg in pure lean beautiful muscle
Gained 6 kg in body water allowing her organs to function at an optimum rate.
Down 2 points in visceral fat.
Gained 19 years of life on her vital organs!

Lost of total of 27.5 cm with 8 cm off her ab’s, 9 cm off her hips, 5 cm off her waist.

Jenny is now onto her next stage. She wants to gain more muscle and become strong, strong, strong!

Jenny you will also be getting a prize next week.

Jenny frontJenny sideRevitup Fitness

In 3rd place (although we are no longer ranking as we are so proud of everyone) is……………

Michelle Maginness!

Michelle got to Ra for 1:1 sessions 3 x per week. She drove in from Oxford. If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is!

Michelle is a busy business woman with 2 young children. She STILL makes sure her health is top priority. Michelle is a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t make excuses about getting it. She MAKES IT WORK!

Here’s some of Michelle’s amazing highlights:

– Down 9kg in total mass!
– Down a total of 66.5cm with 18cm off her ab’s!!!

Michelle is back in a week to continue her journey! We can’t wait to see her after another 12 weeks. She is one impressive lady and we love having her part of Revitup!

Very proud of you Michelle.

michelle frontmichelle back

Lisa Tumahai!

THIS beautiful lady could seriously load us up with excuses about why she just can’t commit to a health lifestyle. She has a very demanding career and is constantly on the road meaning her training does have to be all over the show, BUT, do you think she gives Ra excuses? NO, she does the best she can and her results certainly show proof of that!

Lisa’s amazing highlights:

– Down a total of 4 kg in total mass!
– Down 6 kg of pure fat!
– Gained 4.5 kg of lean, strong, fat burning muscle!
– Gained 4 kg of body water allowing her body to perform its processes the best it can.
– Down 3 points in visceral fat! Bringing her into the healthy range. Your vital organs can now breathe Lisa!
– Down a total of 57 cm off total body with a MASSIVE 19 cm off her ab’s!

Wow Lisa! I only have a before photo of you so far. Send me an after if you would like to.

We are very, very proud of you and can’t wait to see what you achieve over the next 12 weeks!

Sharon Close!

Sharon has been on a journey of self discovery. I have loved working personally with her on her mind. I just love watching her push through all the beliefs that would usually keep her trapped in the past and in a health situation that doesn’t serve her life.

Sharon has serious dedication! She is focused and she has a lot of power behind that focus. She can see what she wants.

She is constantly learning more and more about herself and understands that this journey is about discovery. It’s about listening to your heart, removing the stuff that doesn’t serve you and allowing lots of what does.

Sharons amazing highlights:

– Down 3 kg in total mass!
– Down 3 kg in pure fat!
– Gained 2 kg of body water for optimum health
– Down 4 points in visceral fat allowing her vital organs to breathe and heal
– Down a total of 59.5cm!!!

So proud of you Sharon, I can’t wait to see what you achieve in the next 12 weeks. You’re an inspiration.

Treen Allen!

Treen originally signed up with us to get in better shape as she was a bridesmaid for her friends wedding.

Treen is a very dedicated careers woman who again has a demanding job that requires a lot of her energy. Treen radiates strength, dedication, focus and power. I knew from the moment she came into the studio that she was a high achiever and wouldn’t settle for average.

Treen has never once given up and I know that she will get everything she wants in life.

Treen’s amazing highlights:

– A total of 24.5 cm off total body!
– 2 minutes and 20 seconds off her fitness test!!
– Training 6 days a week with a combo of bootcamp and strength training. Getting up at 6am EVERYDAY to commit to her health!
– Up to squating 75 kg!!!!
– Allowing herself to have a healthier work/life balance
– Never given in, only pushing harder.

Watch out for this girl! She knows what she wants and she’ll get it!

Laura Carter!

Laura has been a very long standing client and has come so far since her first bootcamp with Revitup. Laura has done a lot of work on her mind and has been transforming her whole life one piece at a time. She has had some very impressive gains and losses and is continuing to pursue her dream life which is just around the corner.

She radiates happiness, positivity, and care for others. She’s certainly going to make a wonderful, dedicated PT.

Laura’s amazing highlights:

– Her ability to stay focused and continue waking the road of her dreams.
– Her amazing strength that she wants to take to competitive level in the near future.
– Her natural way with people.
– Her ability to get up and get on with all she wants in life.

Tania Candy!

Another very dedicated careers/business woman who came in from Rangiora 3 days a week to see Ra. Tania returned from a serious shoulder injury and didn’t allow that to hold her back ever. She got on and got it done.

She radiates strength, power and focus in all she wants out of life.

Tania’s amazing high lights:

– Turning up every time she found it really hard leaving work! Coming all the way in from Rangiora was never going to be easy.
– Down a total of 4 kg
– Gained 2 kg of lean muscle
– Lost a total of 42.5 cm!!!!!

Tania won’t give in! She is still committing to training and IS going to achieve everything she puts her mind to in all areas of her life.

Chantal Tumahai!

Just like her muma a very dedicated believer in what she wants! She got sick for the last part of the comp and hasn’t been at training as much as she would have liked but do you think that’s going to stop her? Nope! She’s pumped for another 12 weeks to get what she came for!

Chantal is a dedicated, hard working, non complaining young lady who like everyone at Revitup will not settle for average.

We all know what we want and we go get it! Like attracts like.

We are very proud of you Chantal and we are looking forward to you being 100% better so we can get record your massive efforts.

Wendy Clinghan!

Our incredibly dedicated doctor. This lady is most certainly a high achiever who at such a young age has accomplished more than most people would in their life time.

Wendy loves to run, train, eat healthy food and spend quality time with her doctor husband who travels a lot due to the demand. Wendy radiates health, happiness and kindness and we just love having her part of Revitup.

She has traveled so much over the past 12 weeks that she has’t been able to commit to much but she STILL knocked 3 minutes and 5 seconds off her fitness test!

Well done Wendy, we look forward to seeing you do more and more for yourself.

Deb Pipson!

A long standing member who again is a very dedicated careers woman. Deb loves exercising and like many woman she struggles to put herself first but she doesn’t let that stop her.

Deb missed the last month of the comp but she’s ready to get back into it and get back into the routine that makes her so happy.

Deb radiates happiness, strength and kindness. We are looking forward to getting you in back into the studio Deb!

Melinda Ferguson!

Melinda has been a very special member of Revitups for some time now. She again is a very busy business owner who could be filled to the top with excuses about why she can’t commit but she gets herself in that studio and gets her work done!

Melinda radiates power, self assurance and happiness!

Over the last 12 weeks she has dropped 2 kg of pure fat, gained 2 kg of muscle, gained 3 kg of body water so her liver and body processes can function as they should, dropped 1 point off her visceral fat and lost a total of 32 cm off her total body!

We are very proud of you Melinda!

Janine Kenyon!

STRONG is what this lady is.

100kg deadlifts
80 kg squats
60 kg bench press

They are some big numbers. A very busy, dedicated business woman who makes herself get to the studio 3 times a week. An essential part to our netball teams and a very driven, strong woman who is chasing her true desires. Watch this space, great things to come!

We are very proud of you J9!

Zoe Foster!

Zoe is a very valuable member at Revitup. She’s dedicated, strong and a very hard worker. She’s been 100% dedicated to ALL netball teams and both touch teams. Along with this she plays her own netball and is in the studio 3 x per week. If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is!

Zoe radiates strength, self assurance and that go getting attitude.

We can’t wait to see what else you achieve with Revitup Zoe! Very proud of you!

Zoe lost 2 kg of pure fat and lost 34.5 cm off her total body including 9m off her ab’s! Wow Zoe, well done!

Sharron Emslie!

We have another very strong and VERY dedicated woman!

Deadlifting 130kg!
Working on that low squat and improving her 1km row everytime!

Sharron has 2 sons who love watching their mum come and get fit while they get fit on the tramp! Sharron never misses a session and never gives the excuse that she ‘can’t’ do anything.

We are very proud of you Sharron and love watching you use the gym as ‘your place’ to do something for you.

Renee Tyree!

Is a young lady who can walk into a room and light it up. She carries a positive light where ever she goes, always building people up and finding laughter in anything and everything.

Renee is a very valuable member of our touch teams. She seriously worked hard for Revitup and never got negative even when our womens team was beaten by a crazy amount of points.

Always finding the beauty in life is Renee!

We can’t wait to see what you achieve over the next 12 weeks! Very proud of you!

Toni Grimshaw!

Very successful, driven, dedicated young lady. Again, she has a radiance that follows her full of positivity.

Ra has described her as an athlete. She could take her strength and fitness very far on the competitive side. After working on her mind she has decided to move back to the UK where her work/life balance will improve. She’s off in June.

She lost a total of 26.5 cm, dropped 2 kg of pure fat, gained 4 kg of body water, and gained 3 kg of pure, lean muscle. Great stats Toni!

We will miss you!

Jamie-Lee Tuuta!

Jamie Lee has said screw you to the non-believers and she’s trusted her own gut and gone with what’s best for her in HER LIFE! Not many people can say they have that kind of power. You do Jamie Lee!

Jamie Lee is a true inspiration and I have loved watching her progress particularly in her mind. Jamie Lee radiates self assurance, a not giving in attitude and perseverance.

Jamie Lees amazing highlights:

– Down a total of 2kg in total mass
– Down 2 kg in pure fat
– Down a total of 28.5 cm
– 3 minutes and 40 seconds off her fitness test!!! Wow!
– Ra has said ‘she never, ever gives excuses about why she can’t’

You’re an inspiration Jamie Lee! Keep doing what you’re doing and being you.

We are looking forward to seeing what else you achieve with Revitup!

Brit Smith!

Our power house! Our athlete! Our radiance of positivity, strength and happiness!

At 21 years old Brit is doing work on her mind with me. She is enlightened, strong, powerful, and absolutely the most encouraging person of others i’ve ever seen. She has a VERY bright future and we can’t wait to see her grow further in all areas of her life! It’s very exciting.

Brit’s amazing hightlights:

– Her ability to use her body as the power house it is! Once a superstar always a superstar!
– Her ability to see things from a different perspective and change her thinking.
– Her massive commitment to Revitups sporting team. Our netball hero!
– Her amazing gift to help other people

We are very proud of who you are Brit!

Annabel Shand!

Annabel is quite possibly one of the happiest, highly energised people I have ever met.

She loves hard workouts and pushing her body to it’s full potential. She again has a very demanding career and a young son but she still has that power to put exercise at the top of her priority list.

Annabel is a no excuses kind of lady and she knocked a massive 3 minutes and 20 seconds off her fitness test! Wow!

We wish you all the best Annabel! Continue kicking ass!

Marsha Gowans!

One of our Fit Mums!

She started biggest loser with 5 weeks remaining. This very dedicated lady lost 4 kg of total mass and a total of 26 cm in only 5 weeks!!!!

That’s very impressive Marsha! We look forward to seeing what else you can achieve!


And there we have it! The competition is over, the prizes distributed next week and we are starting our next competition in May!


Bring it on!


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