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Christchurch Bootcamp. We have early mornings, evenings and mums groups!

Here’s a post for mums. For our other bootcamps see here –


Mums who want more health, more strength, more confidence, more energy, fat loss and sanity, listen up!

We have 3 spaces remaining in our Tuff Mums Bootcamp.

This is not your regular ‘mums and bubs’ type program. Here at Revitup we specialise in strength training. Not just for the body but for the mind too.

We want to hear from you if you’re ready to step it up and take ownership of your happiness. Happiness and health go hand in hand. You will be in an amazing motivating group of 5-8 mums training 3 times per week. 9.30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Your kids a welcome. If you want to know more send us a pm with your phone number and WHY you need this then we can discuss details.

3 spots left!

Christchurch Bootcamp.

Simply email or call 0210667084.

Leonee x

Here I’m going to reveal how you actually lose weight! (the secret) that the health professionals don’t want you to know as they will lose business!

So, here we go!

You don’t have to starve, live off shakes, cut out food groups, take pills, live of 1200 cals a days and feel miserable to lose weight right?

We had a 4 week weigh in for some of our clients who are doing a life style change program and here’s some of the results and feedback.

– 4-6 kg of fat loss
– lean muscle gain (muscles are starting to show through!)
– strength gains!
– fitness gains
– heaps of energy
– sleeping soundly
– happier
– full and loving their food
– proud
– educated and finding themselves teaching others
– inspired
– reaching for bigger goals

The list goes on. Weight loss shouldn’t be this horrible, draining battle.

It should be an inspiring movie with you as the main role.

Loving yourself and loving your lifestyle is how you do it. All that other forced stuff with eventually come crumbling down.

If you want to learn more about this send us a message we would be happy to give you a few free pointers.



We are FINALLY catering to mummies in Christchurch City!


Mums and bubs bootcamp!


Leonee Parker is a well know Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and mummy of 2 young sons here in Christchurch. She has until recently never had time to start a bootcamp dedicated to mums. This is all changing now. She has cleared her schedule and set aside 3 mornings a week to work with mums who are in NEED of support, love and guidance from a health professional.


Learn from Leonee who balances mum duties, work, business and still taking care of herself. Christchurch Mums and Bubs Fitness! Email her personally here;




Sunday 28th July – 6.00 pm – Halswell Community Centre

Speaker – Nathan Macgregor

Nathan will speak about goals in all aspects of your life;

  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Business
  • Family
  • Health
  • Life

We all set them to achieve something, for something to work towards, but are you hindering your own progress? Are you setting the right goals? Do you even know what a goal is?

Nathan will talk about what goals are, why we set them and how society has shaped what life should be. What kind of goals you should set in relation to where you want to get to. How to manifest your ultimate goals and dreams and how your perception of yourself is possibly stopping you from what you want.

Whether you want to improve your fitness and body shape or set new business goals and life goals to improve your life experience, you need to hear what Nathan has to say. Passion, inspiration, motivation and education are all things you will take away from this 60min seminar. Move your life forward to where you want to go.

Cost: $20

Book your space now! Hurry spaces are limited!

Contact Nathan to book your space
Phone: 027 316 1282


This is a small in-house competition to bring out that competitive streak and get that fat moving!

– 3 sessions per week in a program of your choice!

– A 8 week training program to complete away from your Personal Trainer

– A meal planner

– BIA testing and measurements before and after!

*$50 start up fee


Winner is determined on complete overall change – fat loss, measurement loss, most improved in fitness and the best before and after photos!


STARTS 10th JUNE! Don’t miss out!