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I (Leonee) don’t personally enjoy or make time for being in the kitchen for hours on end.
Occasionally I like to give a bit more effort but not regularly. All of my dinners and lunches are as simple as they come.
Here’s what we had tonight. Ive been loving these organic potatoes from NW. Tonight I cut them into wedges and baked them in olive oil, pink salt, pepper, paprika and sesame seeds.
I made a raw salad. Raw veggies are so beneficial for you, we have them a lot and this mix was delicious. Broccoli cut small, cucumber, basil leaves, celery, cherry tomatoes, flax seeds and a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.
Then some pre-made kebabs from NW and a boiled egg each. As usual I’ve made enough for there to be leftovers for tomorrows lunches and there’s barely a clean up as it is an easy no fuss meal. Do you eat the same thing most weeks? how often do you cook in your household? #revtribe #easydinner #revitupfitness #nofilterneeded

Raw Almond Chocolate Recipe


Raw Almond Chocolate Recipe

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil (slightly melted)

2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter
2 tablespoons of 100 pure maple
2-3 teaspoons of coconut sugar
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Mix well together – pour into moulds – dump almonds in the middle and freeze for 15 minutes.

Keep in the freezer for regular snacking!


Eating every 2-3 hours is essential for health and fat loss.

There a many conflicting studies around this topic. Some pushing for eating 2-3 times a day and some backing our theory 5-6 times a day. Then there’s the other stuff – fasting, detoxing etc. We will save that for another post however.

Young children are a great example of eating every 2-3 hours. They will eat what they need for fuel, stop there and need topping up 2-3 hours later as their bodies turn that fuel over.

Here’s why eating every 2-3 hours is important…….

1) Eating every 2-3 hours (even if it’s half a protein shake or half a banana) means your body is constantly getting the fuel it needs to function which means it has no reason to keep fat stored. A speedy metabolism is what will eventuate.

2) Your blood sugar levels will remain constant throughout the day. There will be no big drops from lack of feeding. When your blood sugar levels drop your brain will CRAVE sugar or simple carb (bakery food) to get the fast release explosion of energy. Even if hours later you have a big healthy meal that is filled with low GI, slow releasing energy foods your brain will still crave that explosion of energy which is why people get the after dinner sweet cravings.

3) Your energy will remain constant through the day to keep up with your busy schedule. If you have a lot to fit into your days eating regularly is ESSENTIAL. Pack your lunches and snacks the night before and fuel your body for it’s expected tasks, otherwise expect to feel tired all the time and have big slumps in your day that will bring on the sugar cravings and laziness.

4) You will find your meals won’t be so massive which could eventually shrink your stomach internally which will shrink your tummy externally over a short time also!

It may feel like you’re eating a hell of a lot of food and you’re constantly full. Give it 2 weeks and you’ll notice a huge change in your digestion, energy and metabolism.

Go to it!

If you need a free 20 minute phone consultation to help implement this contact us NOW, Contact us through our contacts page and request the free consult!

Leonee x

Nutrition ESSENTIALS for fat loss.

1) Eat a range of protein, carbohydrates, fats and A LOT of veggies! Every meal should have a good mix of all of these. For example;
Breakfast: 1 dark grainy piece of toast with fried spinach and an egg.
Morning tea: Cucumber slices, edam cheese slices (NOT that fake sliced cheese) and wholegrain crackers.
Lunch: Roasted kumara with green beans and steak
Afternoon tea: A protein shake and a piece of fruit
Dinner: Brown rice, fried chicken and steamed cauliflower and broccoli.

2) Eat every 2-3 hours.

3) Ensure you digestive system is working beautifully! (if not, you will not lose fat as you should!)

4) LEARN and get EDUCATED about holistic nutrition. No low fat, no artificial crap, no quick fix shakes. Real food that tastes good, is filling and will energise you and make you feel amazing. Instead of wasting your life on facebook do a bit research for your health.

5) Water! Drink it. Quit that fizzy shit. It’s sugar in a bottle which means massive fat gain and toxins just for what you think tastes good. It’s purely a disease cocktail. Try soda water with lemon to slowly wean yourself off it. NO diet versions are not better. If you love it that much save it for occasions and water, tea and coffee for the other times.

6) Be realistic and still live life. Try for 80% of the time you’re nurturing your body and 20% of the time you’re enjoying healthy meals out and spontaneous fun!

DO you need a free 20 minute consultation to help you implement this? Contact us via the contact page NOW while spaces remain!

Leonee x

Here I’m going to reveal how you actually lose weight! (the secret) that the health professionals don’t want you to know as they will lose business!

So, here we go!

You don’t have to starve, live off shakes, cut out food groups, take pills, live of 1200 cals a days and feel miserable to lose weight right?

We had a 4 week weigh in for some of our clients who are doing a life style change program and here’s some of the results and feedback.

– 4-6 kg of fat loss
– lean muscle gain (muscles are starting to show through!)
– strength gains!
– fitness gains
– heaps of energy
– sleeping soundly
– happier
– full and loving their food
– proud
– educated and finding themselves teaching others
– inspired
– reaching for bigger goals

The list goes on. Weight loss shouldn’t be this horrible, draining battle.

It should be an inspiring movie with you as the main role.

Loving yourself and loving your lifestyle is how you do it. All that other forced stuff with eventually come crumbling down.

If you want to learn more about this send us a message we would be happy to give you a few free pointers.



We are FINALLY catering to mummies in Christchurch City!


Mums and bubs bootcamp!


Leonee Parker is a well know Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and mummy of 2 young sons here in Christchurch. She has until recently never had time to start a bootcamp dedicated to mums. This is all changing now. She has cleared her schedule and set aside 3 mornings a week to work with mums who are in NEED of support, love and guidance from a health professional.


Learn from Leonee who balances mum duties, work, business and still taking care of herself. Christchurch Mums and Bubs Fitness! Email her personally here;




Leonee ParkerDone Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and low fat diets that don’t only make you starve but they are IMPOSSIBLE to stick to….

Revitup’s Recipes to Heath and Vitality cookbook is only 2 weeks away! This is not your normal ‘healthy eating’ cookbook. It is full of REAL facts around what you should be eating to loose fat and loose fat forever!

Discover all your favourite dishes and goodies in the healthiest, cleanest way!

Nachos, sweet and sour chicken, roasts, kebabs, chicken nuggets, ice-cream, chocolates, cakes…The list goes on and continues to get better!

This book will be available as an ebook for purchase before Christmas.

Get excited!!!

  • 1/2 cup of coconut flour (organic)
  • 1/2 cup of cocoa power (raw and organic)
  • 2-3 scoops of chocolate protein powder (I used myofusuin whey but any choc protein is fine)
  • 2 T of almond butter (organic)
  • Dash of vanilla essence
  • 1 T of coconut oil (organic) melted
  • 1 T of olive oil
  • 2 whole lightly bested eggs (organic)
  • A small hand ful of dark choc pieces (optional) you can also use any kind of fruit.
  • 1 T of shredded coconut (optional)
  • Almond milk – enough to make mixture bind and moist

Mix all wet ingredients together and all dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Combine and mix well. Bake for 15 mins but keep an eye on it as it may need longer or less. Enjoy!!

Avoid margarine of all varieties, yes that includes olivio and flora brands that claim to be healthy! These have all been so over processed that they can’t even be considered a healthy food source anymore. They just aren’t real! Aim for organic butter this is the most natural form of this type of spread and processing is kept down to a minimum.