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Motivation and why you have none!

“Why do I start highly motivated but loose it quickly?”

MOST people who set exciting new years resolutions will have broken their intentions and let their goals slide by the 15th of January.

15 days and they are back to doing what they have always done to get what they’ve always got. REALLY these should be NY wishes rather than goals or Intensions.

The thing is, people decide, enough is enough. I’m going to change this and that. They then sit back and ‘wish’ it would happen. They don’t consciously think this of course. They do ‘try’. They try for 15 days and then their normal patterns that we repeat in our lives over and over again since we were about 2 years old come back just like every other time we attempted change.

For the people who do go further than 15 days or those that even get to their goals, why do they still loose motivation and stuff it all up? This can usually be summed up in one simple word – FEAR.

– Afraid of upsetting people
– Afraid of loosing people close to them
– Afraid of what it will change
– Afraid of failing itself

If you are someone who has felt fear from achievement or fear for trying then I would want to look at your self belief – WHY are you not backing yourself. Why are these thoughts in control of you?

I don’t feel motivated all the time. No way, there are many, many days where I feel like throwing in the towel on everything I’m creating. What gets me through this? What’s my secret to keep going and the secret of my high achieving clients?
Everyday I set clear intentions about what I want. My 2016 goals are written in the front of my diary that I look at everyday. I write at 5.30-6.00am everyday about what I’m going to do that day, I clearly set my intensions and I also write about what I’m feeling and why.

This sets me up well. From there I listen to something motivating. Type into YouTube Inspiration and you’ll be flooded with goodness.

I exercise everyday to energise my body and build physical strength and resilience.

Lastly and the one that I think has been forgotten by many including myself in the past is DISCIPLINE.
On the days you don’t feel like it YOU DO IT ANYWAY.


Here’s the thing. To change you have to become the person that would get the results you are after. I’m not saying change who you are I’m saying remove the fog that keeps you stuck and unleash who you naturally feel you are or practice daily who you want to be until it sticks.

Life’s to short to be stuck in ways that don’t serve you. Decide and do it!


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Because we make this process EASY for you! Not only will you train with mummy and expert Leonee Parker you also train with like minded women who need the changes you need. Women who want to meet like minded women and who respect themselves and their kids enough to make these changes.

Don’t let your kids be an excuse as to why you can’t train or don’t have any time for yourself. You can still be yourself and be an amazing mum at the same time, infact we believe at Revitup that exercising and taking time for yourself makes you such a better parent. A mummy returning from an empowering workout is certainly going to be better than a mummy bogged down and exhausted from giving so much of herself to everyone else right? You owe it to your child and more importantly you owe it to yourself.

We train together 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.45 am through the summer and the winter. During the winter we have an indoor location so the kiddies can play happily.

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We are FINALLY catering to mummies in Christchurch City!


Mums and bubs bootcamp!


Leonee Parker is a well know Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and mummy of 2 young sons here in Christchurch. She has until recently never had time to start a bootcamp dedicated to mums. This is all changing now. She has cleared her schedule and set aside 3 mornings a week to work with mums who are in NEED of support, love and guidance from a health professional.


Learn from Leonee who balances mum duties, work, business and still taking care of herself. Christchurch Mums and Bubs Fitness! Email her personally here;