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Taking Time Out to Reflect on Your Life

Night 5 tonight of caring for my wee ones while they are sick.

My 3 year old came right by day 3 and as I was leaving his room in the morning after a 2 night sleep over my baby was crying in his bed with a very high temp. Tonight’s his 3rd night in with me and he’s looking much better. Seriously, how do women have more than 2 children? Having 3 kids or more with this virus would be the end of me!

I haven’t slept for longer than 2 hours at a time over the last 4 nights and usually by now I would be living off coffee and sugar to keep me going. Tiredness is my worst enemy!

Not this time. I’m strangely still full of energy and keeping myself in good health even though I’ve had my baby on my hip 24/7.

A shower tomorrow is going to be heaven! (Hopefully without baby keanu)

As I said in my blog post yesterday – I have been forced to sit and reflect on things at silly hours of the night, as the boys sleep. My brain has been doing what it does best and being overly active and creative. It’s made me set new goals, bigger goals, get clearer on goals and get lots of clarity around what I want and need in my business and life. I believe this is why I haven’t reached for crap and why I’m still full of energy as I’m excited and clear. I’m passionate about what’s to come. Naturally I want to treat myself with respect. I’m conscious and present.

I’ve have a good wake up call about what’s important and what isn’t. Hayne my 3 year old has temperature related seizures which are not harmful to him but they never get easier on me. This brings me back out of the go, go, go life I live to get my adrenaline pumping in a fight or flight situation. It absolutely shouldn’t take him having a seizure for me to take a break and look at all the goodness in my life and start to eliminate the stuff that doesn’t serve me BUT let’s face it. We often don’t realise that we are becoming a victim in our lives or heading down a track that isn’t for us until something happens that shakes up our worlds. OR in your case and mine we have mentors who are there to show us the obvious that doesn’t seem obvious to us amongst the hustle and bustle. I have a business mentor who is very cut throat and straight to the point.

I am a big believer in watching for the signs.

Maybe my wee boys got this sick as it’s re directing me to a better place. A place of more alignment. A place where I can serve more of my ideal clients and do so while for filling my greatest dreams too. Maybe not….but the thinking I have been doing is going to change things very much for the better for me and them so in this case it has. Plus it’s given me amazing bonding time with them where I don’t have to be mum, worker, money maker, cook, teacher and Leonee. I’ve just been mum which is something I miss as it’s simple and easy and not pulling me in all different directions.

The last few days have been hard, sad and horrible watching my wee ones so sick but they have also been so rewarding and healing for me too. There’s always, always positives in everything and if we don’t see them in the fast pace of our lives, life will give us a reminder at some point. Maybe with sick kids, maybe with something more serious – a job loss or a family member death. Life WILL remind you to take back control and if you fail to see the signs life will start controlling you instead of you controlling life….

Take the power BACK! I know I have and I’m excited!


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