Personal Training Christchurch

Personal Training Christchurch.
I (Leonee) don’t personally enjoy or make time for being in the kitchen for hours on end.
Occasionally I like to give a bit more effort but not regularly. All of my dinners and lunches are as simple as they come.
Here’s what we had tonight. Ive been loving these organic potatoes from NW. Tonight I cut them into wedges and baked them in olive oil, pink salt, pepper, paprika and sesame seeds.
I made a raw salad. Raw veggies are so beneficial for you, we have them a lot and this mix was delicious. Broccoli cut small, cucumber, basil leaves, celery, cherry tomatoes, flax seeds and a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.
Then some pre-made kebabs from NW and a boiled egg each. As usual I’ve made enough for there to be leftovers for tomorrows lunches and there’s barely a clean up as it is an easy no fuss meal. Do you eat the same thing most weeks? how often do you cook in your household? #revtribe #easydinner #revitupfitness #nofilterneeded


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