Recipes to Health and Vitality


  • Recipes to Health and Vitality is the perfect low cost investment for the health of you and your family.
  • Improve your health and lifestyle dramatically and learn what it really takes to lose fat and gain a lifetime of health and well-being.
  • Enjoy over 100 pages of recipes made with unprocessed, delicious, real foods.
  • This book has a variation of gluten free, dairy free, paleo recipes. Read through the tips and tricks to help you change your habits and understand what inner health really means.
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Do you really know what healthy food means for you and your family? A lot of people think they know by following the FDA approved food pyramid. Mostly grains, vegetables and fruit. Some meat and dairy and little fats and sweets. I’m telling you NOW that this is absolutely NOT the nutritional standard you should be following for fat loss or even a healthy lifestyle. This WILL NOT get you there.

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years and I have always battled with the standard nutrition knowledge I have. I have watched clients fail time and time again and I have failed at my own goals because following main stream nutrition is not the perfect diet for the human race. I am now working towards a diploma in holistic nutrition and I aim to reach out world wide to share the knowledge that man-made food is not a healthy balanced diet.

Recipes to Health and Vitality will be the best investment you make for your health this decade and maybe the next one too! You can flick through and fall in love with recipes I have tried and tested to make absolute perfection. Every mouth full is loaded with amazing goodness for inner health and of course they all TASTE unbelievable. Don’t continue to follow nutrition that is not suited for you. Share my secrets that have taken me over 6 years to figure out. INVEST IN THE HEALTH OF YOUR FUTURE. Recipes to Health and Vitality.


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