REVITUP Services

At REVITUP we provide a variety of Personal Training services from pre-made package deals to training programs tailored specifically to an individuals needs and goals.

Check out some of our services below and drop us a line for more information – or contact us with your specific needs/goals and see how we can help you succeed!




  • Various locations around Canterbury
  • visit our Bootcamp Page for more info


      Fat Loss

  • Lifestyle challenges
  • 12 week Biggest Loser challenge
  • 15 week fat loss program
  • Doubles 12 week lifestyle change
  • Wedding day bliss package for brides and bridesmaids
  • Small team training


      Nutrition consultations

  • Nutrition and lifestyle consults and coaching
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • Supplimentation
  • Revitups recipe book – coming soon!

Body Composition Testing

      Body Composition Testing

  • measurements
  • BIA testing

Body Building 

    Body Building

  • Preparation for competition
  • Body sculpting and toning

On his way

      Sports Specific Training

  • Training for sporting fitness
  • Speed and agility
  • Strength and power
  • Conditioning

One-On-One Personal Training

This is the best choice to reach your goal and achieve optimum results. One-On-One Personal Training is all about YOU. It is COMPLETELY specific to you, your goals, your fitness, your strengths, your body type, your choices and your life; we can cover  nutrition, health, fitness and your lifestyle.

This is a very personal and individualized approach to training and reaching your goal. You are guaranteed to get you there with 100% guidance, support and motivation from your Trainer.

Personal Training

Doubles Training

The next best thing to One-On-One training. Perfect for couples or just good friends who want to halve their cost. You must choose someone with a similar goal in mind and maybe even someone who gives you that competitive edge!


A group of runners in a cross country race.

      Improved Fitness or Event Training

  • Event preparation training


    Boxing or Kickboxing

  • Boxing for fitness and/or fat loss
  • Learn to fight and self defense



  • Power Lifting
  • Circuit Training