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I (Leonee) don’t personally enjoy or make time for being in the kitchen for hours on end.
Occasionally I like to give a bit more effort but not regularly. All of my dinners and lunches are as simple as they come.
Here’s what we had tonight. Ive been loving these organic potatoes from NW. Tonight I cut them into wedges and baked them in olive oil, pink salt, pepper, paprika and sesame seeds.
I made a raw salad. Raw veggies are so beneficial for you, we have them a lot and this mix was delicious. Broccoli cut small, cucumber, basil leaves, celery, cherry tomatoes, flax seeds and a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.
Then some pre-made kebabs from NW and a boiled egg each. As usual I’ve made enough for there to be leftovers for tomorrows lunches and there’s barely a clean up as it is an easy no fuss meal. Do you eat the same thing most weeks? how often do you cook in your household? #revtribe #easydinner #revitupfitness #nofilterneeded

Motivation and why you have none!

“Why do I start highly motivated but loose it quickly?”

MOST people who set exciting new years resolutions will have broken their intentions and let their goals slide by the 15th of January.

15 days and they are back to doing what they have always done to get what they’ve always got. REALLY these should be NY wishes rather than goals or Intensions.

The thing is, people decide, enough is enough. I’m going to change this and that. They then sit back and ‘wish’ it would happen. They don’t consciously think this of course. They do ‘try’. They try for 15 days and then their normal patterns that we repeat in our lives over and over again since we were about 2 years old come back just like every other time we attempted change.

For the people who do go further than 15 days or those that even get to their goals, why do they still loose motivation and stuff it all up? This can usually be summed up in one simple word – FEAR.

– Afraid of upsetting people
– Afraid of loosing people close to them
– Afraid of what it will change
– Afraid of failing itself

If you are someone who has felt fear from achievement or fear for trying then I would want to look at your self belief – WHY are you not backing yourself. Why are these thoughts in control of you?

I don’t feel motivated all the time. No way, there are many, many days where I feel like throwing in the towel on everything I’m creating. What gets me through this? What’s my secret to keep going and the secret of my high achieving clients?
Everyday I set clear intentions about what I want. My 2016 goals are written in the front of my diary that I look at everyday. I write at 5.30-6.00am everyday about what I’m going to do that day, I clearly set my intensions and I also write about what I’m feeling and why.

This sets me up well. From there I listen to something motivating. Type into YouTube Inspiration and you’ll be flooded with goodness.

I exercise everyday to energise my body and build physical strength and resilience.

Lastly and the one that I think has been forgotten by many including myself in the past is DISCIPLINE.
On the days you don’t feel like it YOU DO IT ANYWAY.


Here’s the thing. To change you have to become the person that would get the results you are after. I’m not saying change who you are I’m saying remove the fog that keeps you stuck and unleash who you naturally feel you are or practice daily who you want to be until it sticks.

Life’s to short to be stuck in ways that don’t serve you. Decide and do it!


Hey 2016 goal setters!

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch.

It’s almost February. What have you done to change your circumstances? The body, health, job you hate, toxic relationships….. How have you STEPPED up and grown in the areas that you have in your past attracted and settled for?

I hear way to many people saying they haven’t had the time, money, resources…. Oh yes – the roofs leaking, you’re paying your credit card back from Christmas. Works really busy….yes, yes, I know…..I don’t get it and why that means you have to postpone creating the life you deserve. I mean there’s 168 hours in the week and you don’t have time to eat healthy and exercise because your car needs to fixed?

What I really hear is, I am not going to STEP UP because I have not got to a stage in my life and maybe I never will where I BELIEVE I am worth it. Where I understand the consequences of me settling for a life that is less than MY perfect.

That unhealthy weight you carry around that you justify? Maybe your reason is that you don’t have the money to get a trainer, a nutritionist to gain the accountability to get you fighting for your perfect….It is a fight, a hunt, a risk, and an investment in YOURSELF. Most of the time people are afraid of the failure they set themselves up for. They don’t believe they CAN do it. So…..They feel it’s better to simply just not try. The other thing is, if you can’t see through all the bull shit excuses you poison yourself with you will forever continue to be enclosed in your own little bubble going no where but remaining in fear of the stuff you make up in your own head. Can’t afford a trainer? Well why don’t you start committing to exercise daily? Yourself. We all know how to walk and run. If you NEED a trainer. FIND A WAY to get one!
Imagine this……

You have COMPLETE and total confidence that you will achieve ANYTHING you want to achieve. The dream job that supports your incredible life style. The epic fit, strong body, beautiful relationships, everything you want.

Everything on the outside of you doesn’t stop you from the daily action that gets you where you need to be – your job, the kids, the opinions of others, the circumstances. All that matters is what you feel on the inside and consequently everyday you do something to move forward closer to what you want. Yes. Even when the timing isn’t ‘ideal’.

When the hell is the timing ideal!!!!!!

If you felt the above, if you had that inside you – what would you achieve and what would you aim for if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if every time you were rejected from something you got up and went for it again and again and again until you got it?

Anyone ready to step up and actually COMMIT to what you want?
Anyone sick of the false comfort of not leaving your bubble and taking a risk in yourself. A risk that will allow you to grow and BECOME.

Anyone sick of the excuses that you make endlessly to keep yourself ‘small’?

We want to offer those of you that ARE READY for massive change The 15 Week Body & Life Re-Design Project. (Online and in Canterbury, NZ)

– Intensive mind-set coaching
– Complete nutrition make-over
– Regular training weekly
– SOOOOO mush more goodness but I won’t waste my time typing it for people who won’t take action. I want to actually HEAR FROM YOU.

Ps. This is not a free program. And I don’t respond to messages that just say ‘how much?’. We have amazing affordable options but we don’t aim to be the cheapest around just as you shouldn’t.

This will be a huge up level in your life. It’s the solution you’ve been waiting for…….

If you want more info on this simply PM us with you name and phone number, we will arrange a time to chat over options.

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch

Ladies, do you need to make some serious changes this year? It’s almost the end of January and those weight loss goals you need so badly….Still no action has been taken right?

Last year sped by and your health and your weight loss goals seemed to fade into the background as soon as the first life obstacle popped up. You tried to a point but felt everything else always had to come first. The family, work, house. How do you possibly fit more into your daily schedule? It really does seem to fall into the to hard basket when life gets busy and things don’t go as planned.…/

Those shake diets seem more and more appealing the more desperate you get. 5kg in one week! It sounds great for your ego, it’s a great story, but that’s all it is. What happens when you go off the shakes. Is the core problem to your health issues resolved or is it just another bandage to get you through to the next well marketed weight loss ‘solution’.

There IS an answer to the constant battle within yourself that has now been a 10-plus year constant struggle. There is a way to have it all. Make exercise and healthy food a daily priority, be extremely productive with your work, be a present and happy mum AND still have time for you to have some ‘shut off time’.…/

It all starts in your head. It’s ALL about what you think and how you think. It MUST start here or it will be another 10-plus years of thousands of dollars on diets, up and down emotion, disappointment and low self esteem. PLUS – and most importantly, you not living to your full potential for yourself and your loved ones.

Revitup Fitness and Leonee Parker have teamed together to create a program that is the only of its kind. A complete body and life transformation. The most important project of your life where you can expect to create the person you know you can be physically and mentally.…/

How would be feel to be bouncing out of bed at 6am? Running 5km easily. Fitting into the most stunning clothing and being able to run around with your children and inspire and teach them to not go down the path you have been down with health. How would it feel to have the energy and clarity to do what ever you need AND want daily? What would you do for that? How much would that mean to you?…/

We have 25 spaces to fill. This isn’t just for Christchurch, New Zealand participates. We have our online option!

Here’s the thing, what it all comes down to. YOU can choose to keep trucking along as you always have been, attempting changes that never stick OR you can step-up, take serious action and make a change that starts from the inside out. It takes massive action and the only people who do fully step up are those that realise it’s more uncomfortable to stay the same than to face change.…/

Weight Loss Competition Christchurch
Email us –

Christchurch Bootcamp. We have early mornings, evenings and mums groups!

Here’s a post for mums. For our other bootcamps see here –


Mums who want more health, more strength, more confidence, more energy, fat loss and sanity, listen up!

We have 3 spaces remaining in our Tuff Mums Bootcamp.

This is not your regular ‘mums and bubs’ type program. Here at Revitup we specialise in strength training. Not just for the body but for the mind too.

We want to hear from you if you’re ready to step it up and take ownership of your happiness. Happiness and health go hand in hand. You will be in an amazing motivating group of 5-8 mums training 3 times per week. 9.30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Your kids a welcome. If you want to know more send us a pm with your phone number and WHY you need this then we can discuss details.

3 spots left!

Christchurch Bootcamp.

Simply email or call 0210667084.

Leonee x

Free Weight Loss Challenge Revitup Christchurch!

2 MORE DAYS and we take off into the 30 Day Mind-Set and KickASS Fitness Challenge! You can join the private facebook page by clicking this link – Facebook

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Simple tasks to get started;

Over the weekend start to have a think about why the hell you even care about being fit and healthy. What’s the reason? Is it a surface reason, eg ‘I want to look good at my friends wedding’ or is it a slightly deeper reason, eg ‘I don’t feel happy about myself the way I am’ or ‘I want to be around longer for my kids’. Finding your deep WHY is essential. Evaluating how important that WHY is will give you some insight into why you may have not achieved this goal before.

A small purchase I encourage you to make over the weekend is a journal or something you like to write in. Every TRUE weight loss journey IS a journey of personal self discovery. Working out why you do what you do, working out what your secondary gain is for being overweight or unhealthy, working out what beliefs keep you playing small and not fully going all out and committing. Not to worry, I’m about to help you discover lots about yourself =)

Again, this is a FREE 30 day gift for all our loyal subscribers and followers, if you have some friends and family that would benefit from this, forward it on! This could be the thing that changes the direction of your life and those you love.


Chat on New Zealand Sunday!


Free 30 Day Mind-Set and KickASS Fitness Challenge – Christchurch

Motivation is high all over the internet….

2016 New Years Reso’s thrown left, right and center.

It’s awesome to see but what happens when the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way again and these awesome goals are pushed to the back of your mind and motivation hits an all time low…? This will usually happen between 4-8 weeks from experience.

Here are some tips to help you keep those very important goals that you very well deserve in the top of your priorities list.

For the purpose of the post lets say one of your goals is to go from a size 18 to a size 12 in clothing.

1) Get help! This goal is going to take some expert advice. Not only on how to train and what to fuel your body with but also on the mind-set you need to adapt to create a forever change. A good old google search will only get you so far.

2) Force yourself into exercise consistency. BEST thing to do is sign up to a program where a trainer keeps you accountable for your exercise. You are going to have days where you totally can’t be arsed exercising, but if you’re paying someone to train you, they are waiting for you and you’re letting them down by not showing up then those sessions in themselves are going to be a much bigger pay off than the physical money in the end! We can help you with this, check out some of our programs on offer here –

3) ALWAYS plan and prep your food. Shopping day needs to be the same every single week. It doesn’t stop there, prepare easy snacks and meals in the fridge so you don’t have the temptation of saying ‘screw it! Takeaways it is’. When it is a takeaway night there’s plenty of decent healthy ones……..which leads me to the next point……think differently…..

4) There’s no way you’re going to change your physical with the same old mind-set sweetheart. The mind-set you have now has got you to where you currently are. How do you NEED to think to become a size 12? What habits and beliefs do you need to leave in the dirt and burn…What do you need to adopt daily into your life. THIS is the most important part.

All of the above is simple right….? Simple but not easy….SO. I have a gift for you. Something to help you put some of these principles into place. Something I decided today I wouldn’t charge for for the first 50 sign-ups!

~ THE ONLINE 30 DAY MIND-SET and KICKASS FITNESS CHALLENGE by yours truly Revitup Strength and Fitness Christchurch.

You heard it first here, starts the 11th of January and it goes a little something like this;

– Week 1 – Gain clarity on your goals and get serious direction forward so the motivated part of 2016 last much longer than 4 weeks! Plus, light exercise to get the body slowly into movement.

– Week 2 – Remove your sabotaging beliefs and ways that keep you repeating the same old ‘weight loss, health’ process that’s been going on for years now. Plus, discovering what exercise you LOVE and could spend everyday for the rest of your life doing.

– Week 3 – Taking the necessary action steps to achieve your big goals. What do you need to start doing daily in your life and what do you need to remove. Stepping the exercise UP to challenge your body in a way it hasn’t been challenged before!

– Week 4 – Setting your intentions for years to come. How does your mind, health and life look for 2016 and beyond! PLUS, your exercise plan for years to come.

WE ONLY WANT ACTION TAKERS! Not people who think they want change but really they just like something to complain about. If you are TRULY ready to take control then please sign up here –…/

This is an ONLINE program so sign up where ever you are in the world!

Free 30 Day Mind-Set and KickASS Fitness Challenge – Christchurch

Send us an email –


Since I first Jumped into the health and fitness arena at the tender age of 19 I have always admired body builders. I love strong women who have muscles and I admired the discipline they have to go through to compete in such a cut throat sport. I was told since starting work at Les Mills in Christchurch in 2007 that I had a great figure for it and that I would do well if I applied myself – determined old me thought, hell yes! When I do it, I’ll do it damn good! Iv’e always been a serious food lover too! When I first met my now husband, on our second date he said he just can’t believe how much I eat! He thought it was awesome, I thought ‘you have no idea how much I have to train to maintain my figure’! BUT, I thought it was pretty normal too as so many PT’s had the same problem. It was a silent problem and it still is.

I always had very strong cravings in my early 20’s. I loved sugar and savoury. These cravings were similar to pregnancy cravings – so strong I would have needed a stray jacket to keep me out of the fridge. I would binge then leave the stressing till the next day when I would do a pump, attack and an RPM class all in one day assuring myself that it will be ok now then going to binge again that night. I thought, ‘how do these body builders fight off these cravings? Sure, maybe they don’t get them as bad as me but surely they get them sometimes?’ I thought doing something so disciplined would fix my eating habits and prove to myself that I controlled food it wasn’t the other way round.

I thought, YES. This is the challenge I need! I knew that one day I would compete on stage flaunting my sculpted muscles that I worked so hard for.

A couple of years past and I worked hard as a PT at Les Mills in Christchurch growing my business and furthering my knowledge on exercise and the different forms of it. In 2010 when I was 24 I had my first son and I got back into exercise quickly and started experimenting with nutrition.

You see, before having my son I would educate my personal training clients on nutrition and write them plans but they never worked as they should have. Some clients did well and others just didn’t. The thing that really frustrated me was that I couldn’t find a balance with my eating. I beat myself up because I thought I knew it all but yet I couldn’t get my body into a shape I was proud of! Everything was low fat, there was a lot of grain, very little red meat, heaps of man made protein, I prescribed this diet to clients because that’s what I had been educated to do. I did sports nutrition with my PT course and it was quite extensive. It was hugely based on calories and the FDA approved food pyramid. There’s nothing worse than telling people that are paying for your help information that you truly doubt and don’t believe in.

3 months after my son was born I started to study again. This time purely nutrition. I wanted to learn more about nutrition AND use myself as an experiment while doing so. I studied and researched and put in hours and hours of time and effort. After many frustrated attempts to create a muscular toned body before I had my son I had finally discovered what it really took 9 months after his birth. When he was born I declared to the universe that my son would not eat crappy food. I made the hugest efforts when it came to him eating solids. All his food was home made and of the best quality. It was fresh from the ground, fresh quality meats, wheat that gave him sustained energy and naturally sweetened foods like fruit, dates, figs etc. I remember standing at my kitchen bench processing his food using all fresh produce and a light bulb went on in my head…..Our little boy was thriving, he was so incredibly happy and healthy and he had the best appetite ever. Why am I feeding him this food to be in optimum health when I eat differently to lose fat. Shouldn’t losing fat and being healthy be linked in some way or ALL WAYS? I thought – why don’t I just go back to the basics, stop avoiding fat, stop throwing away the egg yolks and using trim cows milk, stop having salad after salad and ensuring low fat was on every label in our fridge. I thought I might as well give it a go, I was the experiment at that stage and I was learning about the importance of having ALL nutrients, vitamins and minerals everyday from my course. The way I was eating it was cutting out many of these – the big one being fat! I said I’m going to start eating real food. Food that is just in it’s natural form. I researched the paleo diet and FELL IN LOVE!

One WEEK into this whole foods lifestyle and my stomach had shrunk. My bloat and my uncomfortable tummy pains (which had been around since I was a kid were GONE) Not only that, I felt full all the time, my binging had almost disappeared, I had SO much more energy to run round after my son and to train. The salads were ditched for steak and green beans with broccoli and butter and rock salt! Yum, It was amazing!

I went back to work before my son turned 1, just starting with a few clients at night and over the weekends when my partner would get home from work. I knew my whole foods approach worked on me but I had to try it on others to really see if it was the real deal…….WOW! One client lost 17 centimetres off her waist in 2 weeks, another lost 25 kg in 4 months, another lost 40 kg over 1 year, AND everyone I worked with just felt incredible! They LOVED it!

This was it! I had cracked it! My body was in the best shape of my life! I wasn’t killing myself at the gym any more, I was focusing on getting strong and nurturing my body. Muscle was appearing fast and ab’s were popping through! I was preaching high fat, low sugar, lots of vegetables and quality meats to anyone and everyone! I had finally found the answer.

After my second son in 2013 I decided now was the time. We only wanted 2 kids and now I could focus on a few of my goals. When my second son hit 8 months I started my journey towards my first comp. I went to a well known awesome trainer in the industry and worked hard for 8 weeks getting down to 16-17% body fat 6 weeks out (starting at 22%). I had to get to 10-12% by comp week so I had to focus intensely. I had to get to around 54-55 kg and at the time I was 62kg. It felt like it was miles away but I was determined! I had to do 45-60 minutes of cardio early every morning and a weights session that afternoon or evening. I found it difficult to fit in as I was working with a data base of 30 clients at the time and being mummy to my two boys so it was definitely a balancing act. I was ok with that – I’ve always thrived off challenge.

Leading up to the 6 week mark I started to notice old habits creeping back in. Old habits from my early 20’s. I was on a restrictive diet and I was having barely any fats compared to what I used to have. I noticed tummy pains coming back and I noticed my binging getting uncontrollable again. I went back to my trainer for a weekly weigh in and I had gained fat. Typically I had gone back to my old trick of trying to train extra hard to make up for the extra things I was putting in my mouth which at that stage had become stray jacket cravings again!

My trainer said I could still make it but I would have to be 100% perfect for the coming 6 weeks and I still may get up there and not be very happy with my result.

I sadly made the decision to pull out and aim for the upcoming September comp.

While I was disappointed I made it ok in my head by saying ‘it just wasn’t the right time’, ‘works been so busy I couldn’t keep up with the prep and training’ ‘I need to drop commitments in other areas so I can give it more next time’

I started to become deluded and very obsessive with keeping the fat off. I didn’t pick up on what was happening until a couple of weeks after I had pulled out. I didn’t train for 6 weeks after pulling the pin. People that know me will be shocked. 6 weeks and I did nothing but binge and get upset about losing my 16-17% body fat status. I tried to train a few times but I just couldn’t, I resented it so much and hated it. Even weight training which is my love in the gym.

It’s now been about 12 weeks since I pulled out. I am slowly finding my love for training again. I’m still not pushing as hard as I enjoy but I am getting back into it to get strong and to feel mentally released and good, not to strip body fat as fast as possible. My cravings are gone again and my energy is sustained because I am eating whole foods which include – nutrients (protein, carbs, fats), vitamins and minerals.

I will not be doing the September show and at this stage I will not compete in body building.

I still admire SO MUCH the people who kick ass at the sport and there is still a piece of me that wants to do it but there is a stronger piece of me saying it is going to take me YEARS back mentally with my progress and it’s just not right for me.

ALWAYS listen to what your body is telling you. When my body is sending my mind uncontrollable craving signs it is purely just needing something essential to function but instead in the past I would feed it the wrong thing. Similar to when people think they need a coke or a juice when really their body just needs to hydrate with water. Remember our bodies job is to keep us alive. To keep us alive it NEEDS respect and love from you. It needs ALL nutrients, vitamin and minerals to function properly. It needs YOU to be true to YOURSELF.

There is NEVER a right way for everyone. For me, eating whole, real food and doing cardio that feeds my mind and weight training that makes me strong and powerful is MINE! This is what serves me in my life and this is what makes me feel good about me.

Raw, vegan, vegetarian, yoga, biking, fighting, tramping. Find YOUR thing. Find what works for you. ALWAYS ensure your food is whole. Stay away from processed man made food. The research is finally stacking up against it and I’m backing it all the way with pride. If you hate running don’t run. Do exercise that feeds your soul and do it with love and respect. Are you training stupidly hard to make up for something? Is it respecting your body eating crap then ruining yourself at the gym? That’s a serious form of abuse to your body..You will NEVER gain the body your dreams of by treating it like that. Give yourself a break.

Do what makes you feel AMAZING and don’t be afraid to quit something that just doesn’t serve you in your life.

Re-align – Re-focus and Re-Do with love baby!!!

L x

Taking Time Out to Reflect on Your Life

Night 5 tonight of caring for my wee ones while they are sick.

My 3 year old came right by day 3 and as I was leaving his room in the morning after a 2 night sleep over my baby was crying in his bed with a very high temp. Tonight’s his 3rd night in with me and he’s looking much better. Seriously, how do women have more than 2 children? Having 3 kids or more with this virus would be the end of me!

I haven’t slept for longer than 2 hours at a time over the last 4 nights and usually by now I would be living off coffee and sugar to keep me going. Tiredness is my worst enemy!

Not this time. I’m strangely still full of energy and keeping myself in good health even though I’ve had my baby on my hip 24/7.

A shower tomorrow is going to be heaven! (Hopefully without baby keanu)

As I said in my blog post yesterday – I have been forced to sit and reflect on things at silly hours of the night, as the boys sleep. My brain has been doing what it does best and being overly active and creative. It’s made me set new goals, bigger goals, get clearer on goals and get lots of clarity around what I want and need in my business and life. I believe this is why I haven’t reached for crap and why I’m still full of energy as I’m excited and clear. I’m passionate about what’s to come. Naturally I want to treat myself with respect. I’m conscious and present.

I’ve have a good wake up call about what’s important and what isn’t. Hayne my 3 year old has temperature related seizures which are not harmful to him but they never get easier on me. This brings me back out of the go, go, go life I live to get my adrenaline pumping in a fight or flight situation. It absolutely shouldn’t take him having a seizure for me to take a break and look at all the goodness in my life and start to eliminate the stuff that doesn’t serve me BUT let’s face it. We often don’t realise that we are becoming a victim in our lives or heading down a track that isn’t for us until something happens that shakes up our worlds. OR in your case and mine we have mentors who are there to show us the obvious that doesn’t seem obvious to us amongst the hustle and bustle. I have a business mentor who is very cut throat and straight to the point.

I am a big believer in watching for the signs.

Maybe my wee boys got this sick as it’s re directing me to a better place. A place of more alignment. A place where I can serve more of my ideal clients and do so while for filling my greatest dreams too. Maybe not….but the thinking I have been doing is going to change things very much for the better for me and them so in this case it has. Plus it’s given me amazing bonding time with them where I don’t have to be mum, worker, money maker, cook, teacher and Leonee. I’ve just been mum which is something I miss as it’s simple and easy and not pulling me in all different directions.

The last few days have been hard, sad and horrible watching my wee ones so sick but they have also been so rewarding and healing for me too. There’s always, always positives in everything and if we don’t see them in the fast pace of our lives, life will give us a reminder at some point. Maybe with sick kids, maybe with something more serious – a job loss or a family member death. Life WILL remind you to take back control and if you fail to see the signs life will start controlling you instead of you controlling life….

Take the power BACK! I know I have and I’m excited!


Need advice from a certified life coach? Contact me for a no obligation consult –

Raw Almond Chocolate Recipe


Raw Almond Chocolate Recipe

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil (slightly melted)

2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter
2 tablespoons of 100 pure maple
2-3 teaspoons of coconut sugar
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Mix well together – pour into moulds – dump almonds in the middle and freeze for 15 minutes.

Keep in the freezer for regular snacking!