Revolutionary Health and Fitness Professionals is run by Christchurch Personal Trainer Leonee Creighton. Leonee is an expert in fitness, health and nutrition.

Here they offer much more than just fitness training! They specialise in weight loss (fat loss), sporting and injury rehabilitation and lean or bulk muscle gain. REVITUP’s Personal Training’s motto is “Get the power and tools to change your life” We give you the knowledge, motivation and the confidence to make the changes you need to change your habits and run the life you want to run FOREVER.

This is personal training and life coaching at its best with flexible prices, flexible training locations and varied ways to train. Everything is designed to suit you and your lifestyle with your goal in sight at all times.

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Leonee Personal Trainer

Leonee Creighton

Leonee is a very popular and experienced Personal Trainer and Life Coach. She has changed a huge number of peoples lives over the past 5 years and displays a 99% success rate with her weight loss clients.
Leonee likes to guide her clients right to the door of success. Her life coaching skills also make it a clearer journey for people who may have underlying issues which has resulted in them becoming over weight and unhealthy. She also has great knowledge of the body and how it works and has helped heal many people with long term sporting injuries and issues.

Leonee started at Les Mills in Christchurch City in 2007 and left in 2010 starting her own private studio where she could be more focused on her clients without the annoyances of a busy gym atmosphere. This is a one stop health studio where you can get everything from supplements to extensive nutrition advice and plans.

Leonee is also a mother to two boys. One 3 years old and one 5 months old. Both of her sons were over 9lb and over due. Leonee is a true expert when it comes to pregnancy heath and fitness AND of course post pregnancy weight loss. She is the living proof that it is possible to have a fit toned body including ab’s of steal after having babies! Leonee is almost back to her pre-baby body and it hasn’t even been 6 months yet. Learn her secrets and never look back!

Leonees passion is to help you live the most fulfilling and rewarding life you can!


Ra Parker

Ra is an extremely popular trainer. He is one of our Boot Camp instructors and is a ‘hard ass’ fitness coach.

Ra has a huge back ground in sport and has huge success with every client he is involved with. He has 100% commitment to his clients and has been told many times that he is the most supportive and motivating trainer clients have ever trained with!

There is no challenge too big!

Ra Personal Trainer